MuseLink Spotlight

DJ Saige

MuseLink Spotlight on DJ Saige 11/1/16 Written by Willie Rivera DJ Saige “Based out of the East village in New York City, DJ Saige is quickly making a name for herself as one of New York City’s top DJs. Classically trained in piano since the age of five, both in Ireland and New York, Saige’s diverse…


MuseLink Spotlight on High2u2 10/29/16 Written by Willie Rivera. Now before we get into the nitty gritty of things, I’d like to start off by saying life in the hood is a common subject matter among many artists. With so many rappers out there in mainstream media and the underground rapping about growing up in the…

The Revolution will not be Televised

The New Renaissance

MuseLink is a artistic movement with the sole purpose of creating a new renaissance. To do this, there are multiple things, which need to happen and multiple institutions which we need to create. To start a renaissance we need artists to create art. We need artists to uplift and help each other. We need to create job opportunities for artists. We need artists getting the recognition they deserve. Lastly we need institutions in place which will not only provide jobs, but will be a haven of art. All of these concepts together will bring about the new age art renaissance, and it all begins with you! Help us by donating to create our community gallery and art program, by downloading our app, and by coming to our networking events. Help us change the art world, help us give art back to the artists.



About The App

Change the way you see your city with MuseLink. MuseLink a social app geared around artistic spaces. You can use our Art Finder to find nearby artistic areas/activities listed out or on a live map. This growing collection currently includes art galleries, open mics, and theaters with plans of expansion in further updates. At its core MuseLink is a way to go out and experience art life near you. It is also a great app for artistic venues or event organizers of any kind to post their events to be seen by a wide audience and nearby patrons. The app is also useful to artists of all kind to put their art out for everyone to see. Nearby users will also be displayed enabling art lovers to connect and explore the city.


MuseLink’s Penthouse Showcase

Please join us for our first ever immersive art show. Free beer/wine all night. The show will feature artwork by many artists and a live painting done at the event by @jaygoldingart, which will be raffled off at the end of the night (raffle ticket included with ticket purchase). Music, live theatre, poetry, and comedy will just be some of the performances at our event . This event is meant to help bring artists and art lovers together. This will be the first of many networking events to truly remember. Just by purchasing a ticket you help MuseLink fund our goal to create a community gallery which will help many artists, no matter what stage in their career, get the exposure they need.