MuseLink Spotlight on High2u2


Written by Willie Rivera.

high2u2-imagNow before we get into the nitty gritty of things, I’d like to start off by saying life in the hood is a common subject matter among many artists. With so many rappers out there in mainstream media and the underground rapping about growing up in the projects, things they had to do to make a living, or the violence that comes with day to day life. How do we distinguish the good from the bad? Are we as a generation of fans satisfied with artist’s speeding through sporadic verses with little content to the point where we can’t even understand them? What happened to Trap Rap? Are we getting more and more artists like this because we allow it? Because we feed into it? Can we bring good Trap Rap back? Maybe that’s not the question to ask just yet. Maybe the real question is where is the good Trap Rap now? In this article we’ll cover one of Trap Rap’s hidden gems, High2u2.





LES’ VERY OWN, HIGH2U2 is a movement led by the sounds of “JDBANKS” and “RAHFLOWEN”. And with already one strong introductory mixtape “High2u2” under their belt, the rap duo continues killing the game with their new single “Killa Cam” in tribute to one of New York’s greatest.Now how is High2u2 different from the 1000 other rappers, rapping about the trap? High2u2 uses vivid verses over trap melodies, bringing a story to life through every song. What do I mean by Vivid verses? I mean verses which we can actually understand, verses with actual content telling a story. Why care if trap songs have actual content? Rapping about the trap is more than just a song. To a lot of people listening, these are real life struggles. For a fan to really connect to what the artist is saying in their song is a beautiful thing. Which is why I want to separate High2u2 from the category of just another pair of rappers. Separate them from what Trap Rap has become in mainstream media. They are hopefully the future of what trap rap will become once again.

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Personal Instagrams: @seanstuffycones @jdbanks_

New Song: “Killa Cam”

Facebook: High2u2

Soundcloud: High2u2

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