Our Community Gallery

MuseLink is all about cultivating art and revamping art culture. We are attempting to create a new renaissance. With the help of all artist and with the help of all art lovers, we know we can achieve this goal. Our community gallery is the epitome of what we stand for! It is what we are raising money to build. The community gallery will be a performing arts gallery comprised of walls filled with local art from local artists, an open stage for all musicians, poets, comedians, bands, and dancers alike. It will feature a community shop for all artists to sell whatever it is they wish. With the help of all of you we can help artists get their work out there and get paid for what they love to do! Art doesn’t have to be an independent venture. We as artists should uplift each other and help each other, that’s how we form a renaissance! We are attempting to create an art space where all are welcomed and all can thrive, where art can be created and collaborations can be formed.


The Goal

We are asking for 50,000 to help us build the best community gallery we can! We will use the money for furnishing, lease, labor, and permits. We ask for any donations big or small to help support our goal to give art back to the artists. Proof of the donations will be validated throughout constant images and videos of our progress. Once built we would like to invite all of our donors to join us in the celebration of our opening night so we can properly thank all the people that made this possible. All this starts with you though. Help us give art back to the artists! Please donate below! All donations bring us closer to helping all artists flourish, and get paid for their art. Help us create the next renaissance.