MuseLink the App

About Us

Change the way you see your city with MuseLink. MuseLink a social app geared around artistic spaces. You can use our Art Finder to find nearby artistic areas/activities listed out or on a live map. This growing collection currently includes art galleries, open mics, and theaters with plans of expansion in further updates. At its core MuseLink is a way to go out and experience art life near you. It is also a great app for artistic venues or event organizers of any kind to post their events to be seen by a wide audience and nearby patrons. The app is also useful to artists of all kind to put their art out for everyone to see. Nearby users will also be displayed enabling art lovers to connect and explore the city.



Why MuseLink?

MuseLink is your personal key to the art world. MuseLink displays and finds all artistic locations near your area. Not only that it’ll display artistic events near your area as well. This way you’ll always know what’s going on near you! As an artist or art lover you’ll be able to post pictures and videos of your own art or art that you’ve seen along your journeys. MuseLink is about showcasing art in all it’s forms, whether, dance, writing, theatre, music, or painting. We are a company for the artists, and our goal is to help and cultivate all art. Help us create the next renaissance. Help us get artists paid for what they love to do. Help us unite the art world. Download MuseLink today!