The New Renaissance

The New Renaissance

MuseLink is a artistic movement with the sole purpose of creating a new renaissance. To do this, there are multiple things, which need to happen and multiple institutions which we need to create. To start a renaissance we need artists to create art. We need artists to uplift and help each other. We need to create job opportunities for artists. We need artists getting the recognition they deserve. Lastly we need institutions in place which will not only provide jobs, but will be a haven of art. All of these concepts together will bring about the new age art renaissance, and it all begins with you! Help us by donating to create our community gallery and art program, by downloading our app, and by coming to our networking events. Help us change the art world, help us give art back to the artists.

Creating Art

For this New Renaissance to work we need to facilitate the creation of art for all artists. We will need choreographers, actors, writers, directors, painters, sculptors, playwrights, and many more to all to create, produce, and saturate the art world with new material. With this saturation, more jobs will become available, and create tons of opportunities for a ton of artists. With this boom of art, and some other institutions, a long lasting renaissance will be born and it begins with you! Please download our app and begin your journey with us.

Artistic Unity

Besides creating art, there is a lot of other things which need to happen to keep this renaissance thriving. Art has been mostly independent for a very long time, but what if I said it doesn’t have to be. Artistic unity is essential for this new renaissance and a new age of art. What if every artist can plug into a network which connects them to other talented artists? What if every director knew hundreds of actors and playwrights? If singers and rappers knew hundreds of producers and songwriters? What if artists knew hundreds of gallery owners? Think about the amount of art that can be created if we all banded together and truly uplifted and helped one another. This is what MuseLink is about, this is our purpose. We wish to unite the art world, and create a new renaissance, using MuseLink as its platform. Please join our movement, download our app, and support your fellow artists as we support you!

Creating Job Opportunities

Creating job opportunities for artists is paramount to creating the new renaissance and changing the art world. Artists no matter what stage in their career need a steady income. Art is a full time job, and artists should be compensated as such. All artists make so many sacrifices to create art and perfect their craft, and it is important to us as artists ourselves to see to it to get artists paid for their craft. Our art program and our community gallery which we need help funding will create jobs for thousands of artists! For this renaissance to work artists must get paid for what they love to do and we will see to it.

Art Program

Our art program is designed to open market freelancing, and create job opportunities for thousands of artists. We believe to successfully create a renaissance, artists need to get paid for what they love to do, but also have consistent income. This is why we’re forming our art program. With contracts we acquire we’ll hire freelancers on our site consistently and frequently. It will be designed to work with us and our company directly, but also with any company which wants to hire you! The set up will be simple and we’ll guide you every step of the way. This is one way we plan to unify the art world and bring about this new renaissance! This program will be for all, no matter what walk of art. To do all this we need your help! Please donate to our Art Program Initiative through our gofundme Campaign, Link is below!

Our Community Gallery

Our Performing Arts Gallery will be a venue which displays and cultivates art in all its forms. Its walls will be comprised of art curated by us from local and domestic artists. It will have an open stage for all musicians, poets, comedians, bands, and dancers alike. It will have a community shop for all artists to sell whatever it is they wish. With the help of all of you we can help artists get their work out there and get paid for what they love to do! Art doesn’t have to be an independent venture and our Performing Arts Gallery will be another step in our ultimate goal of creating a new renaissance! Please help us create an art space where all are welcomed and all can thrive, where art can be created and collaborations can be formed. Donate below!  

Exposure & Recognition   

Artist put so much of themselves into their art, and spend years perfecting their craft. Being an artist is a gift and trade which takes time, and effort. Artists should be glorified and appreciated for the art they create. MuseLink is a platform where artists can post their art as well as support other artists by going to events and artistic locations on our app. We also host showcases which not only act as networking events for artists, sponsors, and art lovers, but gets artists the recognition they deserve. Please support fellow artists, shout them out on social media, tag them, and see how far we all can go as united artists, Download our app; MuseLink, and begin this new journey of art and reform.